Major medical studies support that
engaging in activities barefoot
“reduces injuries, reserves energy”
and in the case of golf  ”improves

- Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. Golf's lowest
and lightest minimalist shoe.

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Improving Your Swing

Let us help improve your swing. Our pros have put together three simple steps to help you get the golf swing you have always wanted. 

Putt Like a Pro

The Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. pros have decided to share some of their putting wisdom with you in three simple steps

Bunker Shots

Bunker shots are tough but maybe we can help. Read the Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. pros simple tips to help setup a successful bunker shot.
  We showcased our shoes at the PGA Golf show in February.
One of the top new products of 2012
    Top 10 best places to golf. Picked by the Barefoot B.E.R.B.S. Pros.
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